Types of Chiller Glycol (Chiller Antifreeze)

The two standard types of glycol used in chiller systems are Ethylene Glycol and Propylene Glycol. Ethylene glycol offers the most efficient heat transfer, is significantly less viscous than Propylene Glycol and unit cost is usually lower. The main drawback however is its toxicity to humans and animals.

Propylene glycol was developed to replace Ethylene Glycol for use in food and beverage processing systems or where there is a requirement for a non-toxic classification. Propylene Glycol has a much lower capacity for efficient heat transfer, compared with Ethylene Glycol based mixtures - It is also much more viscous at low temperatures and thus provides more of a challenge to pump.

In 2010 Hydratech added Coolflow DTX to their range of process cooling fluids. DTX is a high-performance non-toxic heat transfer fluid that is based on Ethylene Glycol, blended with a detoxification additive. The game changing fluid combines the thermal efficiency and low viscosity associated to Ethylene Glycol, with the non-toxic rating of Propylene Glycol. The list of DTX adopters is now extensive and includes Arla Foods, Hovis, Mϋller Dairy, Waitrose, Airbus, Siemens and BrewDog.

Coolflow DTX was used as the secondary coolant, which proves to be more efficient than a typical monopropylene glycol blend.
New cooling system, providing chilled storage and distribution for a major logistics company.
- J&E Hall International

Other chiller glycol considerations include, glycol concentration (ratio of glycol to water), the use of correct water, and chiller fluid testing and analysis - to ensure process efficiency is optimised and operating costs are minimised.

Hydratech's key objective since formation has been the establishment of technical partnerships with those responsible for chiller system design, installation and operation.

By understanding their exact application requirements, the team at Hydratech can specify the optimum fluid solution and ensure partners such as Warburtons, McCain, Haribo and Molson Coors benefit from improved system efficiency, extended system life and considerable energy savings.

Coolflow Non-Toxic Chiller Glycols

The Coolflow range of high-performance glycol coolants with antifreeze function, are industry proven to optimise cooling efficiency, save energy, reduce maintenance, and provide system longevity in all RAC, HVAC and glycol chiller systems. Synergistic corrosion, scale and biological inhibitors ensure long-life protection of system components.

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