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At every cold chain stage

The cold chain (temperature-controlled supply network) is an essential element of the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries, as it ensures the safety and quality of perishable goods. In the food and beverage industry, the cold chain is used to transport and store temperature-sensitive products such as fruit and vegetables, seafood, dairy products, and meat. In the pharmaceutical and medical sector, the network is used to transport and store products including vaccines and blood products.

An effective cold chain requires an unbroken and stable chain of refrigerated production, processing, packaging, storage, transport and distribution.

Hydratech work in technical partnership with those responsible for the design, installation and operation of cold chain refrigerated systems. By understanding their exact application requirements, the team at Hydratech can specify the optimum fluid solution and ensure cold chain businesses benefit from improved system efficiency, extended component life and considerable energy savings.

Grown & Produced

Perishable or sensitive products such as fresh agricultural produce, seafood, frozen food, photographic film, chemicals, and pharmaceutical products must enter the cold chain as soon as it they are harvested or produced, in order to maintain shelf life, quality, and safety.

Industry proven by the likes of Alfred Bartlett, Youngs Seafood and Eli Lilly, Hydratech’s high-performance, food safe glycols help provide precise, reliable, and safe temperature control – to ensure harvested produce enters the cold chain in perfect condition, with no loss of quality or spoilage.

Utilised in 1000’s of cold chain facilities, Coolflow DTX non-toxic hybrid glycol represents a major step forward in heat transfer and pumping efficiency, providing >10% reduction in operating costs when compared with Propylene Glycol based fluids.


Some products grown or imported by the UK are transported to facilities for processing, to be combined into other products, e.g., pre-cooked food, or more complex medicines.

Hydratech’s team of fluid and system engineers work alongside leading UK dairies, major food processors, and global pharmaceutical companies to implement a holistic approach to fluid selection and management - which in turn, maximises performance, reduces operational costs and delivers significant return on investment.

By retrofitting existing systems - moving from Propylene Glycol to Hydratech’s Coolflow DTX, customers have reported improved performance and efficiency gains alongside considerable energy/cost/CO2 savings. Arla Foods have seen a 17% reduction in energy consumed by the main coolant circulation pumps and process cooling systems after moving to Coolflow DTX. There has also been a noticeable reduction in running time and load on their primary refrigerant compressors which they believe will considerably prolong the life span of their system.


Temperature-controlled products must have the necessary packaging and packing environment to maintain their quality. Products such as cold chain parcel and pallet systems, refrigerant bricks, gel packs, gel bottles, and insulated containers help reduce the risk of product contamination and ensure energy-efficient storage along the cold chain.

As well as helping to maintain the optimum temperature-controlled environment for the packing process, Hydratech’s high-performance heat transfer fluids are utilised by the UK's leading cold packaging producers - to improve system efficiency, increase productivity and reduce costly downtime during the manufacturing process.


A significant proportion of manufacturers and retailers use the services of specialist cold chain logistics providers to transport and store their products. Some products however go straight to export or to retail facilities. Retailers with many outlets utilise their own network of regional distribution centres to coordinate deliveries to their stores.

Hydratech's key objective since formation has been the establishment of technical partnerships with those responsible for the design, installation and operation of cold storage facilities including, cold rooms, chillers and blast freezers.

By understanding their exact application requirements, the team at Hydratech can specify the optimum fluid solution and ensure partners such as Waitrose and Sainsbury’s benefit from improved system efficiency, extended system life and considerable energy savings.

Technical partners such as Lidl and Ocado have designed their refrigerated facilities with Hydratech’s Coolflow DTX in mind, allowing them make savings in hardware and capital expenditure.


Cold transport involves the deployment of different transport solutions to move temperature-sensitive products from the point of storage to the consumer market. Cold chain products can be transported by road, rail, air, or sea.

Liquitherm Technologies Group - parent company of Hydratech, provide innovative automotive cooling solutions for cold chain logistic businesses, via their Evans Coolants and Titan Antifreeze divisions.

Evans Coolants eliminate the physical and chemical limitations associated with water-based engine coolants, such as formation of vapor, high pressure, boil-over, and corrosion. The waterless coolant also generates 75% less vapour pressure than water-based coolants, significantly reducing strain on hoses, seals, and gaskets.

Over the last thirty years, Evans waterless engine coolants have been tested and proven to improve engine reliability, enhance performance, and reduce operating costs.

Providing exceptional, multi-seasonal and all year-round protection against freezing, overheating, corrosion and erosion, the TITAN range is suitable for all engine types. Offering performance with a conscience, TITAN products are both biodegradable, non-toxic, and also importantly meet most OEM specification requirements.


Retailers and wholesalers make up a significant proportion of the cold chain, including in -store fridges and freezers and home delivery vehicles.

Hydratech work with the UK’s leading supermarkets and supply chains to help them achieve their efficiency and sustainability objectives. By utilising Hydratech’s Products and Fluid Management Services, the likes of Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Morrisons and Coop have improved the performance, efficiency and energy consumption of their refrigeration systems.

Many supermarkets are capitalising on heat recovery to help them achieve their efficiency and sustainability objectives. Hydratech fluids (glycols, antifreeze, inhibitors, and cleansers) are used in numerous heat recovery systems across the UK by many leading food retailers.

Checked your fluid condition?

Regular analysis can extend the life of both fluid and system. Hydratech’s Fluid Monitoring Program (FMP) is a very straight forward, effective way to proactively monitor closed-loop system condition.

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