Refrigeration & Air Conditioning (RAC)

Refrigeration & Air Conditioning (RAC)

Hydratech have been formulating and manufacturing heat transfer fluids, glycols, antifreeze solutions, inhibitors and cleansers, for use in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry for 25 years.

To complement their expertise in fluid formulation technology, Hydratech have extensive engineering experience in RAC and process cooling hardware, typically working alongside end users, designers and contractors to ensure selection of the most effective solution.

Hydratech are proud members and work in association with many professional bodies and organisations including; Institute of Refrigeration, Cold Chain Federation and Royal Society of Chemistry.

Working with industry leaders

A key objective since Hydratech's formation has been the establishment of technical partnerships with those responsible for RAC system design, installation, and operation - to improve cooling efficiency, save energy and avoid costly downtime.

Hydratech's engineers, chemists and analysts work with high-profile clients throughout the refrigeration and air conditioning sector, to implement a fully integrated approach to working fluid selection and management - which in turn, maximises the potential for optimised performance, reduced operational costs and significant return on investment gains.

Hydratech's holistic approach to RAC system optimisation encompasses:

Fluid Selection

Secondary refrigerant characteristics have a direct and long-lasting impact on chiller based cooling system performance, production output, energy consumption and operational lifespan. Fluid thermodynamics, toxicity, corrosion chemistry and aerobic bacteria, are all key considerations when selecting an appropriate secondary refrigerant formulation, mixing ratio and compatible inhibitor package.

Since 1998, Hydratech have been assisting the RAC industry with fluid selection - utilising over 100 years combined experience in all aspects of cooling and heating applications. Whether your priority is cost, thermal efficiency, environmental impact, toxicity, corrosion resistance or a combination of all these, Hydratech has a fluid to suit. Contact our fluid experts here.

Fluid Monitoring

Based on many years of experience, it is not uncommon for the maintenance of RAC cooling systems to be overlooked. Under such circumstances various issues can develop, including advanced corrosion, biological fouling and sediment formation. All of which will have a direct and negative impact on heat transfer efficiency, pumping performance and energy consumption.

Hydratech’s in-house laboratory carries out analytical fluid testing of RAC system fluids, primarily microbiological and chemistry testing - to identify water contaminates, bacterial presence, water treatment levels or the make-up of elements. More on fluid monitoring here.

Fluid Management

Correct maintenance of hydronic systems is essential if refrigeration cooling efficiency is to be optimised and operating costs are minimised. Hydratech Fluid Management Services (FMS) provide specialist engineering and maintenance services to customers installing, commissioning, operating, or optimising large refrigeration systems.

By combining expertise in water-treatment chemistry, fluid-thermodynamics and mechanical engineering, Hydratech FMS division provide a comprehensive range of services to maximise RAC heat transfer efficiency, minimise downtime and reduce risk. More on Hydratech Services here.

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Checked your fluid condition?

Regular analysis can extend the life of both fluid and system. Hydratech’s Fluid Monitoring Program (FMP) is a very straight forward, effective way to proactively monitor closed-loop system condition.

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