Why Hydratech recommend inhibited glycol for closed-loop cooling and heating systems.

Plain or uninhibited glycol provides antifreeze protection only – the lack of inhibitors and additives leaves systems open to corrosion and other issues. The lower initial price for uninhibited glycols can be attributed mostly to the fact that the fluid does not contain an inhibitor package, buffers or additives required for a mixed metal system.

Uninhibited glycol solutions can be particularly corrosive over time, potentially over 4 times more harmful to a closed loop system than standard mains water. Inhibitors, buffers and additives neutralise the natural tendency of glycols to become acidic and should be used to prevent corrosion, scale and fouling of pipe-work systems and associated components.

To help prevent, unplanned maintenance, high remediation fees and reduced system life, Hydratech’s range of inhibited antifreezes are formulated with high-performance corrosion, scale and biological inhibitors, which exceed ASTM & BS standards.

Industrial Grade Secondary Refrigerant Antifreeze based on Ethylene Glycol and ASTM D1384 proven Corrosion, Scale and Biological Inhibitors.

Industrial grade heat transfer fluid with antifreeze function, based on ethylene glycol and ASTM D1384 proven corrosion, scale and biological inhibitors.

Commercial Grade Heat Transfer Fluid with Antifreeze for use in Hot Water Heating Systems. Based on Ethylene Glycol and ASTM D1384 High Temperature Rated Corrosion, Scale and Biological Inhibitors. 

Industrial Heat Transfer Fluid with Antifreeze. Based on Ethylene Glycol and ASTM D1384 High Temperature Rated Inhibitors for Biomass Heating Systems.