Coolflow DTX - a major step forward in heat transfer and pumping efficiency

In 2010 Hydratech added Coolflow DTX to their range of high-performance heat transfer fluids. DTX is a non-toxic secondary refrigerant that is based on ethylene glycol, blended with a detoxification additive. The pioneering fluid combines the thermal efficiency and low viscosity associated to ethylene glycol, with the non-toxic rating of propylene glycol. The list of DTX adopters is now extensive and includes Arla Foods, Mϋller Dairy, Waitrose, Airbus, Siemens and BrewDog.

Proven to reduce energy costs by >10% (as verified by Star Technical Services), Coolflow DTX secondary refrigerant will maintain suitable efficiencies for low temperature systems previously not possible with propylene glycols - while improving fluid reliability and system longevity.