Marcus Boskey
With over 25 years’ experience in the global media and engineering industries,... Marcus is a marketer committed to providing insightful and relevant content across multiple media platforms. As Head of Marketing at Hydratech, his primary focus is on highlighting the benefits of a holistic approach to hydronic system optimisation.
Sam Hickson
With over 15 years’ sales engineering experience in fluid design,...specification and management, Sam works in technical partnership with cooling and heating system OEM’s, consultants, contractors, and operators across all industry sectors. His expert knowledge of process and hydronic systems, along with his ‘can do’ attitude to customer service has made Sam the go-to man for product advice and support – before, during and after the sales process.
Bob Edmunds
With over 14 years' experience in product development, Bob is a seasoned expert ...with various skills such as product design, manufacturing, supply chain management, and marketing. By utilising the vast experience of Hydratech's field engineers, chemists, and experienced sales team, he ensures that all products developed and manufactured are always of the highest standards, fit for purpose and meet our customer's expectations.
Checked your fluid condition?

Regular analysis can extend the life of both fluid and system. Hydratech’s Fluid Monitoring Program (FMP) is a very straight forward, effective way to proactively monitor closed-loop system condition.

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