Hydratech's key objective since formation has been the establishment of technical partnerships with those responsible for the design, installation and operation of industrial and commercial anaerobic digestion systems.

By understanding their exact system requirements, the team at Hydratech can specify the optimum fluid solutions and ensure the UK's leading renewable energy consultants, installers and end users benefit from improved thermal efficiency, extended system life and considerable energy savings.

Biotherm Heat Transfer Fluids for Anaerobic Digestion Systems

A range of high temperature rated heat transfer fluids with antifreeze function, for use in commercial and domestic biomass heating systems. Launched in 2010, non-toxic Biotherm DTX represents a major step forward in heat transfer and pumping efficiency, providing >10% increase in heat recovery when compared with Propylene Glycol based fluids, due to lower viscosity, higher thermal conductivity and reduced volume required to achieve the same freeze-protection.

For industrial and commercial anaerobic digestion systems, Hydratech recommend the products listed below.