Glycol experts for cooling & heating systems

Since 1998 Hydratech have specialised in the formulation and manufacture of high-performance heat transfer fluids based on glycols, brines, alcohols and refined vegetable extracts. Where required, bespoke formulations are often developed for unique applications. To provide superior protection against corrosion, scaling and biological fouling, Hydratech has developed a range of high-performance multi-metal and multi-function inhibitors, while their line of cleansing and conditioning products ensure stipulated levels of disinfection and sterilisation.

Working with you to improve efficiency, save energy and minimise down-time
Through expert knowledge of process and hydronic systems, Hydratech have built up an enviable list of blue-chip clients and consultants, across many business and industry sectors. From chilling and freezing applications in dairies, breweries and ice rinks, to refrigeration and chiller systems in stores, to HVAC and renewable energy systems, Hydratech’s products and services are industry proven to provide precise temperature control, improved efficiency, increased productivity, significant energy savings, and long-term protection against corrosion and freezing.


high-performance Heat Transfer Fluids

Engineering expertise

Utilising over 100 years combined experience in all aspects of cooling and heating applications, Hydratech's team of chemical, mechanical and sales engineers are ready to assist with all aspects of thermal performance, running costs, environmental impact, compatibility and energy efficiency.

To complement their fluid range, Hydratech provide a full range of services. These extend from over the phone/email consultancy on fluid selection, through to hands-on fluid management, incorporating flushing and conditioning of systems, pre/post commissioning, fluid fill, PPM and long-term monitoring and maintenance.

side stream filter installation

Customer first

Great emphasis is placed on 24-7 technical support – before, during and after the sales process – complimented by an ‘always in time’ approach to stock-holding and logistics. Talk direct, buy direct.

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Checked your fluid condition?

Regular analysis can extend the life of both fluid and system. Hydratech’s Fluid Monitoring Program (FMP) is a very straight forward, effective way to proactively monitor closed-loop system condition.

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