Our Story

Our Story

Founded in 1998, Hydratech began as a family run business formulating and manufacturing inhibited glycols, antifreeze solutions and water treatment chemicals including inhibitors and cleansers, for protecting cooling and heating systems.

Now part of the larger Liquitherm Technologies Group, Hydratech are recognised as the industry’s leading heat transfer fluid experts for process and hydronic systems.


Hydratech’s commitment to undertake extensive research and development, establish technical partnerships, and deliver superior products and services that deliver ROI, has helped them grow from a small family run business, to a global operation with an enviable list of blue-chip partners across many business and industry sectors including; renewable energy, manufacturing, power & utilities, agriculture, food & drink, healthcare, education and retail.

Working at Hydratech

Hydratech’s success is very much down to a team effort, where all staff are recognised for their contribution. Learning and development play an integral role in Hydratech’s operations. Employees are encouraged and supported to develop themselves and achieve their full potential. Hydratech, are always looking for the very best people to join the team. People who share their values and passion for providing industry leading products, services, and customer care.

Checked your fluid condition?

Regular analysis can extend the life of both fluid and system. Hydratech’s Fluid Monitoring Program (FMP) is a very straight forward, effective way to proactively monitor closed-loop system condition.

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