Sureflow Sureflow Multifunction Inhibitors for power distribution systems

Corrosion, scale and biological inhibitors to protect water-only and antifreeze-based cooling and heating systems, as found in electrical generation and distribution systems of all sizes.

Depending on system condition and metallurgy, E.g. a new aluminium based system or an existing multi-metal system suffering from corrosion, there is a Sureflow inhibitor formulation to suit. By analysing a coolant sample we can recommended a suitable Sureflow product and a treatment regime to provide long-term protection.

sureflow drums
sureflow drums

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Please call us on 01792 586800 to discuss your process application and requirements, so we can identify the most appropriate Sureflow inhibitor formulation. In the first instance we may request a coolant sample, as this will confirm the condition of the fluid and by proxy the condition of the pipe-work.

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