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To prevent biological contamination of cooling & heating systems and processing equipment, it is vital to disinfect all surfaces prior to filling.

For cooling and heating systems this requires the pipe-work, pumps and heat exchangers to be methodically flushed and treated before installing the appropriate heat transfer fluid.

Cleaning-in-Place processes require the chemicals employed be effective (proven), easy to use, safe to handle, environmentally friendly and easily disposed of. E.g. to the greywater or blackwater drain.

The Purachem range of cleansing & conditioning chemicals includes products which have been proven over decades, to achieve the stipulated levels of disinfection and sterilisation.

purachem drums
purachem drums

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Purachem Purachem Range

Please call us on 01792 586800 to discuss your process application and requirements, so we can identify the most appropriate Purachem cleansing and conditioning formulation. In the first instance we may request a coolant sample, as this will confirm the condition of the fluid and by proxy the condition of the pipe-work.

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