Food Grade GlycolFor Food & Beverage Processing

Hydratech manufactures Coolflow USP which is classified as non-toxic, food grade and suitable for use in food and beverage cooling systems.

The difference in classification between food grade and food safe is often misunderstood, especially when applied to process cooling fluids.

In basic terms; only Pharmaceutical Grade Mono-Propylene Glycol stored in 'certified sterilised' containers can be classified as food grade. If corrosion, scale and biological inhibitors are mixed with PG-MPG, or if the cooling system pipe-work is not 'certified sterilised' then the food grade classification becomes null and void. Hence 99% of food and beverage cooling systems use a food safe coolant, rather than a food grade coolant.

Food Grade Glycol drums
Food Grade Glycol drums

Coolflow USP Coolflow USP


Non Toxic Secondary Refrigerant Antifreeze, based on USP/EP Food Grade Propylene Glycol and FDA approved Corrosion & Biological Inhibitors.

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  • Summary - Rating: BSuitable for food & beverage processing and other applications where a pharmaceutical classification is preferred. Average efficiency and relatively high cost per litre.

  • Efficiency - Rating: CLow Thermal Conductivity and high Viscosity at sub-zero temperatures, results in reduced heat transfer efficiency and increased energy demands. Good Specific Heat capacity helps improve overall performance.

  • Antifreeze - Rating: BProvides protection down to -50°C but greater concentration (% volume) is required to achieve the same freeze-point protection, compared with DTX, IGE and LVF.

  • Corrosion Control - Rating: BPharmaceutical formulation with synergistic corrosion inhibitors to exceed BS6580 and ASTM D1384 standards. Also contains biological inhibitors and polyacrylates to prevent scale precipitation.

  • Toxicity - Rating: AClassified as Non-Toxic and Food-Safe. Suitable for food & beverage processing systems and where low-toxicity is preferred. LD50 Oral Rat >20,000mg/kg body weight.

  • Density:1.03 - 1.05 g/cm³

  • pH:7.5 - 9.0

  • Boiling Point:187.4°C (100% v/v)

  • Characteristics:Clear, slightly viscous liquid. It is mildly sweet to the taste and has a non-pungent but characteristic aroma.

  • Available in: 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 205 & 1000 litre containers and bulk tankers.

Frost Protection °C

v/v of Coolflow USP %

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