Benefits & Features

  • Reinstates stagnated solar systems
  • Restores heat transfer efficiencies
  • Most effective product on the market
  • Most cost effective product available
  • Always ex-stock with same day dispatch
  • All popular drum sizes stocked

Purachem HSC4 is a based on sodium hydroxide. The appropriate dose rate and dilution should be determined before use.


  • Purachem HSC4 is a solar heating system cleanser specifically developed by Hydratech to dissolve severely degraded glycol deposits caused by panel stagnation overheating

    Purachem HSC4 has been developed in our laboratories and contains a unique formulation of hybrid solvents, alkalis and dispersants. The product has been rigorously tested in the field by leading solar installers and has proved to be the most powerful and effective solar heating system cleaner available.

Physical Properties

  • Appearance:Yellow Liquid

  • Consistency:Low viscosity

  • Density:1.00 - 1.08

  • Odour:Barely perceptible odour

  • Foam:Medium foam

  • pH:12.5 - 13.5

  • Active Biocide:

  • Available in: 1, 5, 20 litre containers ( bulk containers & tankers available on request )


For a lightly contaminated system:
Flush the system using a mix ratio of 10:1 (Water : HSC4) and charge system.

For a heavily contaminated system:
Flush the system using a mix ratio of 5:1 (Water : HSC4) and charge system.

We suggest sampling and analysing system fluids biannually to catch any issues early.