When Arla - the UK’s number one dairy company and home to leading dairy brands Cravendale, Anchor and Lurpak - contacted their go-to suppliers Hydratech one Sunday in October for an emergency top up, the specialist fluid manufacturers responded in the only way they know how to.

It was too short notice to hire the preferred transit to the Oakthorpe dairy - Arla’s largest dairy in the South. Plan B came in the form of a five-van convoy. The vans were prepped, loaded up and ready to go within four hours of Arla’s initial request… and that’s on a Sunday!

Never before has Hydratech’s trademark 24/7 service been more integral to UK businesses than during the current pandemic. This has been evident in Arla’s case as foodservice closures shifted demand into shops and supermarkets with dairy proving a high priority product as the nation went into lockdown.

Sam Hickson, Sales Director at Hydratech said: ‘Our customer first mindset and ability to provide solutions where other companies cannot, has made us an integral part of many key businesses across many industry sectors. It is more important than ever, given the current economic climate to support each other and go the extra mile to keep the country going.’ Whether you need technical advice, or you're placing an order, Hydratech are always here to help.