Utilising over 100 years combined experience in all aspects of cooling and heating applications, Hydratech have been formulating and manufacturing market-leading heat transfer fluids, glycol formulations, antifreeze solutions, corrosion inhibitors, water treatment and conditioning chemicals, to protect cooling and heating systems since 1998.

Safeguard, Hydratech’s latest non-toxic antifreeze range has been especially formulated to provide high-performance, low-cost winter protection for caravan, motorhome and marine craft wastewater and hydronic heating systems.

Giving peace of mind during winter storage, Safeguard Wastewater protects toilets and water systems, including tanks, fittings, valves, pumps and drinking water systems. Offering freeze protection down to -46°C and burst protection down to -73°C, the antifreeze formulation is safe for aluminium, copper, brass and standard system plastics.

Suitable for winterising hydronic heating systems in static caravans, touring caravans, motorhomes and marine craft, Safeguard Heating antifreeze delivers comprehensive protection against freezing and corrosion. Providing protection down to -40°C, Safeguard Heating’s long-life high temperature rated formulation contains synergistic corrosion inhibitors, that exceed ASTM D1384 standards. The product also contains broad-spectrum biological inhibitors and polyacrylates to prevent scale precipitation. Safe for associated system metals and plastics, Safeguard Heating will not damage standard rubber, hose or gasket materials.

As well as being non-toxic, the Safeguard range is readily biodegradable (90% over ten days) and will not remain in the environment or bio-accumulate, making it safer for the application and local environment.

Safeguard: The cost-effective way to protect all waste, water and heating systems

Antifreeze costs in the leisure and facilities management sector have risen year on year, with no signs of returning to previous rates. Hydratech have formulated and manufactured the Safeguard range to offer end users, maintenance teams and distributors significant cost savings, when compared to existing products in the marketplace.

Further benefits for Hydratech customers include:
• Bulk trade discounts
• Unrivalled technical and logistical support
• Next day delivery
• Distributor pricing in 1, 4, 5, 25, 205 & 1000 litre containers
• ‘Always in time’ approach to stockholding and logistics

For more information on the Safeguard range and the savings your business can make, call Hydratech on 01792 586800 or email: sales@hydratech.co.uk