Powered by world leading commercial refrigeration manufacturers Imbera, 'Chill it' technology cools and dispenses beverages (cans, plastic bottles etc) to extra-cold in seconds, drastically reducing energy consumption (60% energy savings when compared to a standard one door cooler). 'Chill it’ compact units also save valuable floor space for retailers - when compared to traditional chilled cabinets.

'Chill it' technology also eliminates cold beverage ‘stock out’ for retailers, meaning extra cold drinks are always available. And, as extra cold drinks are always more attractive to consumers, stores have reported a significant boost in beverage sales.

To help them optimize the efficiency of their revolutionary cooling units, 'Chill it' were keen to utilize the operating and energy saving benefits of Hydratech’s Coolflow DTX heat transfer fluid. 'Chill it' contacted the glycol experts, to see if there was an opportunity to form a technical partnership. A collaborative R&D program followed, including extensive fluid testing at sites around the world. The tests confirmed the performance benefits of Coolflow DTX, and the opportunities it presented for 'Chill it'.

Introduced in 2010, Coolflow DTX, is a pioneering non-toxic secondary refrigerant, suitable for replacing propylene glycol in food and cold storage cooling systems. Performance wise, DTX has very similar heat transfer and pumping characteristics to ethylene glycol and subsequently benefits from numerous operating advantages such as low viscosity, low dose rates and smaller systems and plant footprints onsite. Proven to reduce energy costs by >10% (as verified by Star Technical Services), Coolflow DTX will maintain suitable efficiencies for low temperature systems previously not possible with propylene glycols - while improving fluid reliability and system longevity.

The list of Coolflow DTX adopters is extensive, with a host of well-known companies such as Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Molson Coors and Heineken – all benefitting from the switch to DTX technology.

'Chill it' technology is making a significant impact across Latin America, and exciting plans for a global roll-out are set for early 2024. In November, 'Chill it' will be demonstrating at BrauBeviale (Nuremberg, Germany) - the benchmark event for beverage technology.