The GSHPA encourages the growth and development of ground source energy in the UK, by promoting the benefits of ground source heat pumps, developing and encouraging high standards and lobbying for the ground source energy industry – locally, nationally and internationally.

John has been involved in the Heat Pump sector since 2008. Initially working for Danfoss, prior to the commencement of The Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). By working closely with Heat Pump OEMs, consultants, M&E, installer and driller/groundworks, John has built a sound knowledge of the current market and the challenges it faces.

The last seven years has seen John focus on probably the most important and vulnerable part of a heat pumps performance, the collector circuit - specifically the thermal transfer fluid, design to pre-commissioning.

He feels that particular consideration has to be made to the fluid and the dedicated standards, to ensure the longevity of the whole hydronic circuit. The system, once installed and commissioned should perform with little maintenance - below ground or even surface water for over 50 years, potentially the lifespan of 2-3 heat pumps.

John’s role at Hydratech - the UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of specialist heat transfer fluids for the renewable heating sector, has enabled him to work in partnership with industry leaders and Hydratech’s thermodynamics experts, to deliver solutions that maximise heat recovery and optimize GSHP system performance.