Support for energy efficiency investments, ranging from retrofitting systems to energy consumption examinations are being scaled up, as governments identify energy efficiency as the key driver to curb businesses reliance on fossil fuels.

A key objective since Hydratech's formation in 1998, has been the establishment of technical partnerships with industry leading manufacturing, retail and facilities companies to help them achieve their efficiency goals, reduce energy consumption and lower their environmental impact.

Working with those responsible for chilled water system design, installation, and operation, Hydratech - the UK’s leading formulator and manufacturer of hybrid glycols collaborate with the likes of Lidl, HelloFresh, McCain and Aggreko to implement a holistic approach to fluid selection, monitoring, and management. Which in turn, improves system efficiency, extends system life, and delivers considerable energy savings.

Hydratech’s fluid-centric approach to energy efficiency includes:

Fluid selection: understanding exact application requirements

Heat transfer fluid characteristics have a direct and long-lasting impact on chiller-based cooling system performance, production output, energy consumption and operational lifespan. Efficient thermal energy transfer, minimal pumping-energy consumption, long-term preservation of pipework/system components, cost, and minimal environmental impact, are all key considerations when selecting an appropriate formulation, mixing ratio and compatible inhibitor package.

Hydratech work with RAC consultants, contractors, and end users to understand individual system design, thermal and pumping demands to ensure the optimum fluid solution is specified and operating efficiency is maximised.

Fluid monitoring: taking a proactive approach to working fluid analysis

Based on many years of experience, it is not uncommon for the maintenance of CHW systems to be overlooked. Under such circumstances various issues can develop, including advanced corrosion, biological fouling, and sediment formation - all of which have a direct and negative impact on heat transfer efficiency, pumping performance and energy consumption.

Hydratech’s in-house laboratory carries out analytical fluid testing of cooling system fluids, primarily microbiological and chemistry testing. By taking a proactive approach to fluid analysis, those responsible for managing or maintaining CHW systems can detect issues early and take remedial action before fluid efficiency and system condition are compromised.

Fluid management: maximising thermal efficiency, minimising downtime, and reducing risk

Correct maintenance of process and hydronic systems is essential if system efficiency is to be optimised and operating costs are minimised. By combining expertise in water-treatment chemistry, fluid-thermodynamics and mechanical engineering, the Hydratech FMS division provides a comprehensive range of services – including flushing and pre-commissioning, contamination remediation, inhibitor treatment, and fabrication - to maximise RAC heat transfer efficiency, minimise downtime and reduce risk.

Typical closed loop systems worked-on include, process cooling, secondary refrigeration, chilled storage, beverage dispense, and data centre cooling.

Coolflow DTX: Hybrid glycol technology

Proven to reduce energy costs by >10% (as verified by Star Technical Services), Coolflow DTX is a revolutionary non-toxic secondary refrigerant, suitable for replacing propylene glycol in food and cold storage cooling systems.

Performance wise, DTX has very similar heat transfer and pumping characteristics to ethylene glycol and subsequently benefits from numerous operating advantages such as low viscosity, low dose rates and smaller systems and plant footprints onsite.

By retrofitting existing systems - moving from propylene glycol to Coolflow DTX, customers have reported considerable CO2 savings and a noticeable reduction in running time and load on their primary refrigerant compressors, which they believe will considerably prolong the life span of their system.

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