Fluid Management ServicesOptimising Durability & Performance

Managing cooling and heating fluids is important if process efficiency is to be optimised and operating costs minimised. Hydratech provide a range of fluid management services to maximise thermal efficiency, minimise downtime and extend component life.

Consultancy - application and selection FMS

Consultancy - application and selection

Heat transfer fluid characteristics (process coolants et al) have a direct and long lasting impact on system performance, production output, energy consumption, maintenance and down-time. Selecting an appropriate formulation, mixing ratio and compatible inhibitor package can be a daunting task for those not familiar with fluid thermodynamics, toxicity, corrosion chemistry and aerobic bacteria.

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Pre & Post Commission Conditioning FMS

Pre & Post Commission Conditioning

Their are several detailed publications produced by CIBSE and BSRIA which provide excellent guidance on the commissioning (and recommissioning) of pipework systems. E.g. BSRIA BG29/2012 Pre-commission Cleaning of Pipework Systems explains the need to chemically clean and condition systems, to avoid premature corrosion and bacterial contamination.

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Fluid Monitoring Program FMS

Fluid Monitoring Program

Selecting an application-specific heat transfer fluid is the first important step in maximising system performance. It confirms an awareness of individual system design, thermal and pumping demands. And how energy efficiency (CoP) can vary according to fluid characteristics.

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Fluid Maintenance FMS

Fluid Maintenance

Each sample tested through the Fluid Monitoring Program has an associated report, which details all the relevant results together with any recommended actions. It is often possible to correct corrosion, scale and biological issues by adding appropriate doses of booster inhibitor(s).Hydratech manufacture many different inhibitor formulations for regular or shot dosing of closed loop cooling and heating systems.

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