Caravan & Leisure Park Antifreezefor Wastewater & Hydronic Central Heating Systems

Hydratech winterisation fluids are used by holiday park operators of all sizes throughout the UK. Industry proven by the likes of Parkdean Resorts, the non-toxic and fully inhibited antifreeze solutions are trusted by service engineers and maintenance teams, to ensure the smooth running of their operations and avoid costly frost damage.

Winter Protection for...

Safeguard  drums

for Wastewater Systems


A non-toxic, biodegradable antifreeze for static caravan water systems. Learn more about our fluids for Caravan Wastewater Systems

Safeguard drums

for Heating Systems


A fully inhibited, non-toxic central heating fluid with antifreeze function, formulated to protect components and increase system longevity. Learn more about our fluids for Caravan Hydronic Systems


Fluid Management

Managing cooling and heating fluids is important if process efficiency is to be optimised and operating costs minimised. Hydratech provides a range of fluid management services to maximise thermal efficiency, minimise downtime and extend component life. For E.g. A pro-active fluid monitoring and treatment program is a simple yet effective means of identifying and correcting any minor issues before they become major problems
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  • System Conditioning
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