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HSE findings – another major step forward for DTX

Last updated: May 2nd 2018

DTX wins HSE approval

Following submission of the DTX Dossier to the Health & Safety Executive,Hydratech received written confirmation from the HSE ‘providing justification for’ Hydratech’s conclusion that, the LD50 of DTX formulations are outside the range for classification of acute toxicity.

Specifically, the CLP Category 4 toxicity range is 300 to 2000mg/kg body weight and neat DTX formulations have an LD50 greater than 15,000mg/kg. (The greater the LD50 value the lower the toxicity).

HSE’s investigation and conclusion are in line with those performed by; Toxicon, Inc. (an EPA accredited laboratory), US Patent Office, Mediator A/S (on behalf of the Danish Environment Agency, plus many engineering departments of customers now using DTX formulations.

Technical Notes on Toxicity: Whilst the HSE does not condone the phrase Non-Toxic, not even for tap water, it does recognise that if a chemical has an LD50 rating greater than 2,000 mg/kg bw, it is outside of the ‘toxic range’ as categorised in CLP 1272-2008. To avoid confusion Hydratech, like many thousands of other manufacturers, are prone to using the phrase Non-Toxic, on the basis that ‘if it’s not classified as toxic, QED it must be Non-Toxic?’

With an LD50 rating >15,000mg/kg bw Coolflow DTX has a toxicity rating equivalent to that of Propylene Glycol and Glycerine, which are commonly referred to, by the associated trades, as being Non-Toxic. Hence, to avoid confusion and accommodate industry parlance, Hydratech refers to Coolflow DTX and other DTX formulations as being Non-Toxic.

As with all ‘revolutionary’ discoveries the subsequent implementation of DTX technology has taken several years to achieve. The advantage of which is; to provide all users and potential users the time needed to verify the credentials and performance of Coolflow DTX, Thermaflow DTX etc. However, the foresight and decisiveness shown by Arla Dairies – the first blue chip adopter of Coolflow DTX in 2010 - will always remain an important watershed.

The current list of those using DTX products is now extensive and contains many high-profile multinationals. For reasons of confidentiality (GDPR etc.) that list of end-users can be provided on a ‘case by case’ basis.

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