Foodex 2018

March 22nd 2018

Long-term exhibitor at the RAC and ACR shows, Hydratech feels 2018 is the right time to fully exploit the reputation of it's coolflow range of process coolants, with new and existing customers across the food and beverage sectors.


Since ‘98 Hydratech has been formulating high performance coolants and cleansers for use in food and beverage cooling and cold-storage systems. Focusing on a consultative approach to coolant selection, supported by a range of fluid management services, Hydratech have developed a can-do reputation with designers, contractors and end-users.

A long-term commitment to R&D has resulted in several key advances in coolant technology. Coolflow DTX continues to increase market-share as a more thermally efficient, less costly alternative to Propylene Glycol based coolants. Daikin, Arla, J&E Hall, Warburtons, JD Cooling, Molson Coors and Star Refrigeration are just a few of those tapping in to DTX technology. With energy savings of >10% proven by Arla and corroborated by Star Technical Services, Coolflow DTX is expected to attract a large audience at Foodex.

Ever keen to develop new supply opportunities, Hydratech recently completed a seven-year project with Ametek Air Technology and Lockheed Martin, to develop a high-performance DTX coolant for use in their Pilot Cooling Systems, as installed on every new F35 Lightning II multirole-fighter.

So, whether your requirement is to cool poultry, pastries, pilots or pints we have a Coolflow solution to suit. Hydratech can be found on Stand Z269

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